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How to prepare a car for vacation

How to prepare a car for vacation pixabay

The car is loaded to the limit, and there is still a lot of luggage to be crammed into. Heavy traffic on the roads, heat in the car and impatient children. In addition, the nerves associated with looking for accommodation and uncertain weather.

A holiday trip with family or friends can quickly turn from an idyll to a nightmare. Here are some tips so that your vacation trip will pass smoothly and without problems, and the stay itself will pass in a relaxed atmosphere. At least when it comes to the car.


The car is still the most popular holiday vehicle. As many as 70% of respondents who spend their holidays in the country choose this means of transport. No wonder it provides a lot of freedom. We do not have to limit ourselves with luggage as much as in the case of a train or plane. We leave and stay where we want, not where the schedule so provides. In order to fully enjoy the holidays, before departure, we should perform a certain range of checks and service activities.


General overview on your own

It is a good idea to carry out a general inspection of the car. Some of the work should be done by specialists from the workshop, but some can be successfully taken care of by yourself. Most of them are small activities that require only good will and basic knowledge.

The first thing is washing and cleaning our vehicle. The route is much more pleasant in a clean car. Another simple topic is the replacement of wipers. Summer is a period of sudden downpours, during which the efficient removal of water from the glass has a great impact on our safety. Feathers damaged by frost usually smear drops rather than rub them off. By the way, let's not forget to refill the washer fluid level.

Another thing to check and do on your own is the control of the car's lighting. We replace the blown bulbs. Firstly, we make it easier to drive after dark, secondly, we improve the visibility of our vehicle for other road users and avoid the excuse of being stopped by the police.

Tires are an important element of the car's equipment, on which we go on a holiday trip. You need to check their condition and tread depth. Remember that, although according to the regulations, the minimum is 1.6 mm, the actual limit below which we should not go down is 3 mm. It is also good to adjust the tire pressure to a higher than usual load.

When preparing for the trip, it is also a good idea to check the condition of the spare wheel. Is there adequate pressure in it? Are there a wrench to remove the bolts securing the wheels and jack? It will take a few moments to check this and can avoid unnecessary nerves when we puncture the tire.


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