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Healthy skin in the spring

Healthy skin in the spring pixabay

The first breath of warm spring air, sunny days and blooming greenery are a good time to say goodbye to your thick jackets from your wardrobe and clean up your homes.

It is similar with our skin - after a long and hard winter, it requires proper care and regeneration. How can we support this process and deal with gray, sallow and often dry skin?

This year's winter has turned out to be a very beautiful time for us. Frosty and wonderful, white - a fairy tale! But did we all know how to protect our skin from cold and wind? Don't worry if not! We are going to advise you what to do to quickly return to good condition.

After the winter period, the skin is very often dry, and the increased amount of impurities during the heating season also does not contribute to the improvement of its condition. Our complexion takes on an earthy color, the pores are polluted, and the lack of moisture increases the visibility of wrinkles. So what can we do to restore our skin to a beautiful, young and healthy look?

Cleansing and modeling in spring treatments

The protective coat of our epidermis, which wraps and protects our skin, is the lipid layer. Unfavorable weather conditions and constant temperature changes weaken this layer, and thus reduce the condition of the skin. In addition, the frosty air, which is not very humid, drains water from our body. And this is why our complexion starts to cause problems. It becomes dry, rough and reddened. The breakthrough of winter and spring is the perfect time for cleansing, moisturizing, rejuvenating facial and body shaping treatments.

Thanks to modern devices and innovative preparations, you can undergo many therapies almost during a lunch break at work. Cleansing and rejuvenating the skin of the face does not exclude from everyday activities, and regenerative treatments are painless and non-invasive.

To cleanse the skin of dead epidermis and blackheads, you can undergo, for example, Innofacial acid hydradermabrasion (3-stage skin cleansing using low-percentage acids: lactic, salicylic and vitamin C; it allows you to deal with clogged pores and uneven color) combined with oxygen therapy. Since oxygen infusion with the use of hyperbaric oxygen and skin-matching active ingredients nourishes, moisturizes and oxygenates the skin, the whole therapy is a relief for the skin in need of cleansing and refreshing. The Innofacial cleansing treatment is also used in regenerative therapy using the Indiba Deep Care device for non-invasive extra lifting.


Indiba uses radio waves to remove toxins and waste products from skin cells without heating the tissues to high temperatures. It is not a radio frequency device, so treatment with it is comfortable and safe, even for people with autoimmune diseases.

The desire to regenerate the skin after the harsh winter months is the best reason to be tempted by highly effective combination therapies. Aesthetic Studio Szafarnia is a natural restoration of skin firmness and vitality. It is a place created for people who appreciate painless and non-invasive body shaping and lifting facial skin treatments, says Gabriela Szynaka, the owner of Clinic Palace, where combined face and body therapies dominate among the recommended spring treatments.


The combination of INDIBA with Oxygen Infusion

The original treatment programs are very popular at Clinic Palace. It is all due to the combination of two types of work with the skin. Stimulating the cells of our skin so that they work at high speed, slowing down the aging processes and reducing their already visible effects, and support from active ingredients of selected preparations. The combination of two ways of supporting our skin is Extra Lifting - Perfect Oval and Revitalization, which includes the Slow Aging INDIBA treatment and Oxygen Therapy with the use of Chrissie Cosmetics cosmeceuticals. The type of Oxygen Therapy is selected depending on the needs of the skin, but each time it includes two types of peeling, introducing a treatment cocktail using pure oxygen, as well as a mask and final care. It is an ideal solution for people who need immediate skin support in terms of improving firmness, hydration and reduction of fine wrinkles, and for people who, for various reasons, are not able to undergo a more condensed series of treatments, because this treatment is repeated on average every 4 to 6 weeks with wonderful results over time.