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The role of charity in education

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One of the most important competences that are developed in the educational process are social and civic competences. They are of great importance for the development of a young person and prepare him for proper functioning in the upcoming adult life and in the changing social, political and professional conditions. As part of these competences, it is so important to develop and stimulate children's sensitivity from an early age to social problems that also occur in distant countries!


Unknown does not mean foreign!

The globalization of modern life and its multicultural nature mean that even among the youngest children, the variety and intensity of contacts is increasing, often reaching beyond the country's borders. Due to strong migration movements, our close environment is filled with people of various customs and faiths. It enriches our culture and at the same time requires openness to others and communication skills. Private Primary School MyVinci School willingly joined the Divided Us Only Kilometers program, which is an extension of the initiative of Warsaw schools, the Center of Mediterranean Archeology of the University of Warsaw and the Kazimierz Michałowski, consisting in establishing relationships between schools from Poland and Sudan, based on common care for local natural environment resources and the achievements of civilization, cultural exchange and the willingness to help peers in a difficult financial situation, additionally worsened by the effects of COVID-19.


CHARITY ACTIVITIES Together, we can do more

Charity actions carried out at school play a large role, they teach children to be sensitive to the needs of others, kindness, tolerance, develop empathy, shape a positive attitude towards the suffering and needy, strengthen the attitude of responsibility for oneself and others. At MyVinci, they want their students to see people who need help. Workshops, lectures and assistance in organizing charity auctions will certainly allow students to develop pro-social features. The funds raised by the children will be used to support schools in El Ghaddar, formerly Old Dongola, the capital of the Nubian kingdom in Sudan, where Polish archaeologists and conservators work, i.e. a team of researchers of one of the main projects of the Center of Mediterranean Archeology of the University of Warsaw.

We are only kilometers away and we are united by our heart!

In the first phase of the project, the history teacher from MyVinci School Marcin Gostkowski will return to Sudan in order to learn about the next needs of students from the vicinity of Dongola, where excavations are carried out by the Polish archaeological mission from the University of Warsaw. Then a fair will be organized, another charity picnic (photos from the previous one as an attachment) in Warsaw and a series of workshops introducing the culture of Sudan with the participation of willing employees of the Center of Mediterranean Archeology of the University of Warsaw (e.g. building models of Sudan's monuments, music workshops, presentation of customs, cuisine and art). The funds collected during the fall and winter season of the excavation mission in 2021 could finance the purchase of school aids, renovation of buildings and organized a series of workshops for children in Sudan on local archaeological sites and environmental protection (partly conducted online by our students in English, if technically possible). In the next stages of activities, it is planned to organize funds for additional English language lessons for Sudanese and to prepare a book about the friendship of children from our countries. As you can see, helping those in need does not require much, only an open heart and hands ready to work.

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