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How to take notes to remember more for longer?

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At work, at the university, at home - we receive, process and save a lot of information every day. How to do it quickly and effectively so as not to forget anything? Visual thinking is one of the methods of effectively absorbing content. Do you know what it is?



Visual information reaches us almost immediately and has many more meanings than the spoken or written word. If we combine a simple image with the right word, we get the perfect method of organizing and remembering the content. I am talking about visual notes. You will learn them if you start to think with pictures and add a graphic complement to the words.

Basically, any content can be simplified by reducing it to keywords. This, in turn, can be assigned a simple picture, a schematic drawing or an icon. Sometimes it is enough to write the most important content in capital letters, a different color, place it in a frame, add an exclamation point or underline it with a highlighter. The most important thing is to allow yourself a free, creative and readable form of visual recording of content.

Well, what if I can't draw? Visual notes (or sketchnotes) are primarily to be functional and fulfill their informative role. These are not works of art that should impress with aesthetics and artistry. If you can draw a square, circle, triangle, straight line and dot, you can write any content. After all, the house is a square topped with a triangular roof. A cat with two circles, a few dashes and dots. By thinking with pictures and simplifying the elements into a diagram, you can create your own icon set that will serve you in organizing your content.

The visual note does not have to be beautiful, but it should include elements of varied lettering and drawing; may use arrows, tables or charts. Therefore, it is good to stock up on various types of stationery, which can be found, for example, in the BIC Intensity brand offer, addressed to creative youth and adults.

What you will definitely need

Permanent sheets in various colors, from intense through pastel to metallic (eg BIC Intensity Marking Intense, Pastel, Metalic), will be suitable for marking titles, headings and key words.

Fine pens with a medium and fine tip (eg BIC Intensity Fine) will be useful for drawing small icons and saving quotes.

P isaks with two brush tips and a regular tip in different colors (eg BIC Intensity Dual Tip Pastel), perfect for brush lettering and artistic writing of letters.

With highlighters to mark key passages. A great choice is a highlighter and a fineliner in one, i.e. the latest offer in the BIC Intensity Dual Tip line.

By knowing the basic principles, anyone can try to change their way of thinking and organizing content. Visual notes will work well at work, e.g. during presentations or brainstorming, at university and at school for recording lectures, abstracts, and studies. And even at home! A daily plan or a shopping list for a family of 4 is quite a field to show off.

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