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Men's dilemma - how to talk to girls?

How to talk to girls How to talk to girls

Contacting girls can be troubling for many guys. A lot of them think that girls are in fact from a different planet, but appearances can be deceptive. Finding an answer to a question 'How to talk to girls?' is easier than you think.


First of all, it's worth understanding that it's not only guys who want to contact the opposite sex - it works both ways. Where are the differences coming from then? Women tend to perceive the world with emotions, which is why it's important to emphasise emotions in your conversations. Women also like the act of conversation itself, whereas most guys will contact them only 'when they actually have something to say'. Sounds familiar? When you talk to a girl, remember about two main aspects. First of all, what you're talking about should generate positive emotions. Second of all, avoid talking about anything that a girl has absolutely no idea about.

How to behave and how to talk to girls?

Avoid 'difficult' topics like politics or religion (when you get to know each other better, you will cover these topics), as they can successfully ruin the mood. What to talk about then? Here are some topic that work best: travels, movies, music, books, hobby, pets, fashion, psychology etc. Women like to talk about sex too, but maybe leave that for future dates. At you will find many interesting information on this topic Usually this topic will come out naturally by itself, so no point in forcing it. Women usually have no problem with talking about themselves.

how to talk to girls


How and what to talk to a girl about. Some tips to keep in mind


  • Listen! - If a girl feels interest on your part, she will become more confident and open
  • Don't open up too much! - Keep stories of your ex-girlfriends and don't tell her you're looking for the mother of your future children. Such stories will only scare her away
  • Don't be pushy! - Talk about yourself and your feelings, but remember not to overdo it with the multitude of confessions
  • Full culture! - Personal culture is the basis. It doesn't hurt to help put on her coat or a chair. Suggest something to drink and eat. Don't pick your nose and bite your nails
  • Be kind and smile! "Give her a smile and look into her eyes, and she'll probably open up to you sooner." Of course, do not overdo it, you do not want to go out on a frivolous "laugh"

What women like to talk about

They like to listen about man's passions too because it makes them feel like a man is inviting them to his world. It's also important how you talk to a girl, not only what about. Pay attention to vocabulary, tone, gestures and body language. Nonverbal communication provides a lot of useful information, sometimes more than words. How to improve conversation skill with women then? Practice, practice, practice! The more you talk, the more confident you'll feel and you won't have to wait long to see results.
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