Tuesday, 14 June 2022 14:28

How AI Are Fueling Video Editing Innovations

real time video editor real time video editor

Video content has become very popular in recent years. Various videos are actively viewed by users of social networks. For brands, this means only one thing - this type of content can be used to increase recognition and sales. But then there is a legitimate question as to how to use this tool competently?

Everything is not so simple there. It takes some work to create a high-quality, interesting and "viral" video. With the help of modern versions of the software, it becomes much easier to bring to life the creative ideas. In order to choose a suitable real time video editor, you should try to understand the difference between different software and why the use of services based on artificial intelligence has become so popular.

Changes in the process of real-time video editing with the appearance of new technologies

Artificial Intelligence is now used by many developers as a fundamental element of many video software solutions. Any real-time video editor is much more productive, and in fact, smarter than a simple software. And here are the reasons:

  1. A software solution with artificial intelligence by default has an advanced set of options that allows brands to automate their work processes.
  2. It becomes easier to find a solution to any problem, because the service is able to offer options. For example, the software can "advise" the consumer to use a particular effect or substitute an audio composition.

As a result, working with video files becomes much easier with the help of an AI video editor. If we talk about how the artificial intelligence works, then the principle can be described in a simplified form as follows:

  1. First, the image itself is read out. This can be done using the built-in capabilities of the camera. In addition, as an option, it is possible to use a ready video clip that was filmed earlier. 
  2. After that, the processing of the video begins directly. For example, filters can be imposed, several parts of the video can be combined with each other, unwanted pauses can be removed, and subtitles and music can be added. In addition, some of the possibilities of software with artificial intelligence include adding 3D-visualized objects to the clip or modifying the appearance of people. Other adjustments are also possible.

Therefore, we can say that the software "takes care" of a number of issues, freeing up the user's time and giving him the opportunity to use the already prepared options. The set of options varies depending on the features of the solution.

What opportunities Artificial Intelligence opens up for users

Looking at the real-time video editing process, it's worth realizing that the biggest advantage of AI-powered software is not the simplification of video processing. Sure, this is also a pros, but there are a number of other things that are important as well. 

Here it is worth mentioning the possibility of maximum automation of the processing. The majority of popular video editing SDK's can make basic adjustments to videos without user intervention. For example, they can remove repeating or blurred parts, add subtitles or "stitch" several videos together. 

There are also more technically advanced software solutions. These tools can literally "advise" the user on how to edit the video. For example, the software can "suggest":

  • which music is better substituted for a particular video sequence to create a special atmosphere;
  • thematic pictures or video inserts, which will help to diversify the clip;
  • ready-made templates, perfectly suitable for the visual design of the video, which is especially important for those who like a standardized format (for example, bloggers who often need to prepare a lot of similar videos for social networks can be included in this category)

These features significantly simplify the life of the user (especially it is relevant for those people who do not have much experience in video processing). Therefore, it is safe to say that the use of artificial intelligence has made video editing easier and more accessible. This can be important for the representatives of companies or for those who promote their own brand. Now it is not necessary to involve a large staff for the video editing, as a lot can be entrusted to the technologies.

One more feature of AI software should not be forgotten. Many AI-powered video editors include analytical options. For example, the software can independently analyze the audience and its segmentation, which helps to form a promotion strategy for the video. The software itself will understand which commercial your potential customers will like best and offer template options. For example, the service will understand that your subscribers like videos with certain filters better. After processing this information, the software will offer you a ready-made solution. 

In this way, you can understand that software with artificial intelligence can achieve quite good results in marketing promotion. By understanding how best to "approach" your customers, you will be able to choose the most effective solutions. And this, in turn, will increase sales, boost the number of unique customers, attract new audiences and improve contact with subscribers. Therefore, software tools with artificial intelligence are simply indispensable for anyone who creates promotional videos. The only thing you need to do is to choose the most suitable service and understand the peculiarities of its use. 

Banuba AI-powered video editor: why this tool is so popular

Among all varieties of modern software, Banuba AI-powered video editor is especially popular. This software solution is based on the work of artificial intelligence. In its turn, it is able to recognize faces and carry out their segmentation, make adjustments to the clips and suggest its own solutions. Let's look at the other things Banuba can offer:

  • change the speed of the video;
  • splitting a clip into segments and joining them together;
  • removing pauses and unnecessary elements;
  • using masks to change the appearance or add virtual items to the clip;
  • imposing beautiful filters.

This is just the main list of Banuba features. The tool has been used by many users, in particular by brands. The interface deserves special attention. It is very simple and clear, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time processing video. It will take you a minimum of time to understand the functionality. The software supports most modern formats and works great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android. 

Conclusion: if we really need artificial intelligence to work with video

Analyzing the possibilities that software with artificial intelligence gives us, we can understand that modern technology unequivocally deserves our attention. For brands who work with video for marketing purposes, these tools are absolutely irreplaceable. These software solutions can significantly simplify and automate the process of video processing. Besides, using "smart" services, it is possible to see non-standard solutions and make content potentially more interesting for the audience.